Hello my dear, welcome to my sacred place.

Let me introduce myself to help you knowing me better! My name is Ainhoa and I am a Spanish girl with Andalusian features. I love art, music, sex, traveling around the world and enjoying how wonderful life is. I consider myself as funny, passionate and affectionate. I'm 25 years old, 172 cm tall and my weigh 50 kg. Natural body without tattoos nor operations. I have small breast, like a sensual valley that you can wrap around with your hands without leaving any space... My booty is shaped like a heart, smooth as a peach! I have brown long hair up to the waist.

I consider myself a polite, respectful and friendly girl. With me you can talk about any subject. I am very empathetic, understanding and respecting different points of view. I have always liked philosophy, isn't philosophy ourselves at the end?
I am very funny and I love to be made to laugh, smiling is as important for me as it is for you... Laughing is the basis of happiness.
If you love discretion, elegance, flirtatiousness and sensuality, let me tell you that here you have your perfect companion.

I love nature. Mother nature is the light that helps to my eyes to reflect peace, calm and wellbeing, then both eyes passes me full happiness. Inside the happiness is the component of sexuality, the marvelous fruit that nature itself gave... that's why the day I discovered sex, it was something magnificent! On that moment I was able to experience only a part of the pleasure that a human being can feel... The full pleasure begins when you discover yourself, when you let the joy flow and start to spread like river water through different paths.

I experienced then the contact of skin to skin, body to body, that sensation of feeling entangled to another body, where the excitement increases every minute and the eyes get closed from the own excitement, enjoying deeply the five senses... That was my first tantric sex! Then I understood that two bodies don't need to like each other to feel that real pleasure. Nature itself created diverse kind of pleasures, some of them are attracted only by the energy.

I do really love my job. Probably there are people who can see it as a simple sex job, where the client comes, pays and leaves... My job brings me a wonderful pleasure, I enjoy it a lot. I consider it as a meditation session in which two or more souls disconnect for a while, letting their bodies and their energy to create that magic of getting excited and being able to fill themselves with pleasure without limits...

The real pleasure on a sexual level for me.... is Tantra (it only understands energy and soul). It was quite a discovery, I never thought that within ourselves there is a world full of surprises!

Be my guest, let me help you to find out that the rest of the world is not so important and start to really enjoy yourself!